Why Showcse is Shaking up the Wedding World?

Having run a popular Canadian wedding blog called Sashandsatin.com, we’ve learned a lot. Mostly that running a viable wedding ‘blog’ as a business is hard.

It’s hard to keep up with demand for publishing, it’s hard to maintain a quality directory, it’s hard to constantly be trying to drive new customers to our members.

We’ve decided to rethink it.

We’re going to make things easier.

We’re going to make this better.

Better for visitors, better for creators, better for business.

Today there’s no shortage of wedding content on the web, it’s everywhere. It’s housed in thousands of blogs, some big, many small. Vendor directories are all over the place, so are review sites and that’s not counting every vendor or supplier who runs their own site full of content. It’s tough to keep up. It’s tough to discover something new. It’s tough to have a submission rejected. It’s tough to market your services. It’s even tougher to generate business.

Showcse is going to make a difference by focusing on 3 things.

1. Blogs

We’re introducing a new community driven blog on our site. We’re no longer controlling the flow, it’s open, it’s free, it’s easy to use. You don’t need to know anything about publishing online to add a blog to our site. You can post your latest work, a photo shoot, a DIY, Tips, lists, anything you want. All of our posts have a focus on imagery so you don’t have to write a lot to publish great stuff.

2. Marketplace

Post your products, services, or rental items in our marketplace. Consider this your directory listing. It’s where customers will find you. They’ll be looking for ‘Wedding Photographers’ or ‘Vintage Chair Rentals’ and this is where you’ll get exposure. It’s easy to publish your offerings in a visual way.

3. Connections

Discover and connect with other community members. Create favourite collections, follow other users, comment, or contact others.

We’ve been inviting a few of our close friends and partners from Sash & Satin to try out the new site. Over the coming weeks we’ll learn a lot. I’m sure we’ll make changes. We’re looking forward to the feedback, and we’re looking forward to creating a place that truly drives value for both visitors and vendors alike.

If you think this site is a perfect place for you or your business,
get in touch
and we’ll be happy to extend an invitation.

The Showcse Team