Interview with Christine Kufske of Click Photography

Behind the Scenes Interview with Christine Kufske of Click Photography

Christine Kufske of Click Photography is a Kitchener-Waterloo based wedding photographer with quite a few years in the business! We decided to pick her brain and find out what works and what hasn’t in growing her business! Q. How many weddings do you do a year? A. Approximately 10-15 a year. A decision I made

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Behind the Scenes Interview with Reena Wiseman of Vintage Vignettes

We get a lot of inquiries from our readers looking for more information on great places to find vintage rentals for their wedding in the Toronto area. We decided to go behind the scenes and dig deeper to bring you the story of one of our favourite rental outfits Vintage Vignettes. The following is an

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Facebook registration is our friend

Developing websites takes a lot of work, patience, and more work. Things get even more complicated when you have to manage user registration and contribution stuff. We had started to build out Showcse allowing people to register through email, or through Facebook. The truth is that the Facebook registration just worked much better, and trying

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Why Showcse is Shaking up the Wedding Blog World

Having run a popular Canadian wedding blog called, we’ve learned a lot. Mostly that running a viable wedding ‘blog’ as a business is hard. It’s hard to keep up with demand for publishing, it’s hard to maintain a quality directory, it’s hard to constantly be trying to drive new customers to our members. We’ve

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